The Barrow-meter is an online platform that allows citizens to be informed on yearly budget allocation, and how the allocated budget is spent and what is done with the remainder. It shall question the measures in place to disallow misuse of public funds, and ensure that funds allocated are used for  what they’re meant. It shall also highlight all the promises made by the Coalition Government and shall outline all targets met so as to also serve as a performance monitor that will give statistical and graphical detail on government execution.

Ensuring that the ruling government upholds promises made during the campaign period(s) and in reform packages is the principal aim of the “Barrow-meter” platform. This will layout government focuses in order to better describe to the general populace government’s stance and point(s) of interest. Whilst confirming the guileless transparency of all government activities.

The “Barrow-meter” shall bridge the trust gap between government and civilians, and shall allow space for public opinion through a comment box and “letter to the webmaster”. This shall provide government with public opinion on ongoing and expected projects and give the general populace detailed and accurate information concerning project progress, constraints encountered, funds allocated for project and total funds used upon project completion. Audit reports from government institutions are to be made accessible for public viewing through the “Mba I Jubee Kaŋ Ne (meaning “We’re Watching” in Mandinka)” page on the “Barrow-meter” platform.


Barrow-Meter Introductory Show
Barrow-Meter Launching
Hon. Mariam Jack Denton

Nominated Member Appointment: April 2017 - 2022

Hon. Momodou L.K. Sanneh

Deputy Speaker
Nominated Member Appointment: April 2017 - 2022

Hon. Assan Touray

Member of Parliament (UDP)
Bakau Constituency Appointment: April 2017 - 2022

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Ousainou Darboe

Vice President and Minister of Women's Affairs Appointment: June 2018

Hon. Habib Saihou Drammeh

Secretary General and Head of the Civil Service Appointment: January 2018

Dr. Mamadou Tangara

Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation & Gambians Abroad Appointment: June 2018

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