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TRRC begins Regional Consultation Exercise

July 06, 2018

Gambia’s Justice Ministry recently began a regional consultation exercise on Truth Reconciliation and Reparations Commissions (TRRC) in partnership with several stakeholders including governors, chiefs, alkalolu and regional selection panel members.

The Regional Selection Panels (RSP) of seven members which will run from June 28, to July 9 have started the actual district level consultation process to all the nine districts within the West Coast Region, The trip is meant to sensitise and explain to communities the context, purpose, and expected nature and outcomes of the nomination process at district and regional levels.

The TRRC Panel members will ensure that local communities understand the guidelines and criteria for the selection of regional commissioners.

The regional selection panel members would join two observers from the Office of the Governor of West Coast Region and help in coordinating during the process which will be spearheaded by the governor's office.

In an interview with local media the governor of West Coast Region at his office in Brikama, Mr. Bakary K. Sanyang explained that the Regional Selection Panels (RSP) of seven members, which shall include representatives of youth's and women's groups, victim's groups, civil society organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations working in the field of human rights, religious and community leaders of the region.

The governor further explained that during the consultation process, the people from their various communities will nominate two people from each of the nine districts.

"The nominations shall be based on the following additional criteria, integrity, high moral character, no criminal records, not known to be actively involved in a political party, being a Gambian nationality and a resident in the region".

"Out of 18 nominees from the nine districts, three nominees will be finally shortlisted by the RSPs."

After all the process of nomination has taken place, he said, then the RSPs will finalise their individual reports for submission to their respective governors.

The regional governors, he went on, shall transmit the list of nominated candidates to the Ministry of Justice with a report identifying members of the Regional Selection Panel and certifying that the nomination process complied with the aforesaid procedures.

Governor Sanyang said that the Ministry of Justice and the president would then appoint person’s suitability for appointment as commissioner to the TRRC in light of its mandate and objectives.

By: Ansumana S.O. Nyassi