My Fellow Gambians, I wish to convey to you on this historic day that my candidature is a symbol of national unity and I intend to work, hand in hand, with the coalition partners to unify a divided nation. There is no need for tension to build up between tribal and religious groups.

We are all equal in citizenship. Each has one vote. The coalition is established to create One Nation and One People. This is why I agreed to resign from my party and stand as a transitional president in order to put aside all party, tribal, religious, gender and other differences so that all Gambians could forget what divided us in the past and work to build a new country that would guarantee freedom and prosperity to all. The position of President is not an ordinary one. I am seeking it to make a difference and give Gambia a new start so that the potential of the country and its citizens would be developed to the fullest. There is need for change in order to promote and consolidate Democracy, Rule of Law, Good Governance and respect for the Human Rights of our people. This could only come by putting an end to impunity and self perpetuating rule characterised by one round of voting, absence of two term limit, detention without trials, disappearance without trace and contempt for the order of courts aimed at protecting the rights of citizens. When the state fails to be a protector of its citizens the Citizens reserve the right to change the executive and put into office an executive that is true to its Oath of Office. Read the Full Manifesto Here.