Abdoulie Bah, Incumbent Mayor of Banjul commonly known as Lie Bah

April 25, 2018

Abdoulie Bah gained interest in politics at an early age under the tutelage of Kelefa Samba, a former mayor of Banjul.

Born in 1948 in Hope Street to Babucarr Bah of Banjul and Ya Jambon Sarr, both of blessed memory, Bah started his schooling at Leman Primary School but because he failed the Common Entrance Exam in 1960 at Muhammadan School and couldn’t proceed... Read More

The Issue of the Environment

April 25, 2018

Wherever human beings live, they must produce waste. This waste is either by the natural process of eating which requires the gathering of a lot of provisions to cook for the daily food that is to be consumed at home; or the other needs of man like shelter and recreation. As a result of this, a lot of waste is generated, and a way has to be sought to dispose of it properly... Read More

The Battle For Transparency And Accountability: A New Development Taking Place

April 25, 2018

As interest groups and those committed to good governance scrutinise contracts awarded to private enterprises, the National assembly is increasingly being approached to play its oversight role by conducting enquiry into allegations of maladministration or misconduct.... Read More

Barrow praises transformation of Army

April 25, 2018

President Adama Barrow has said that saying a large chunk of the country’s army is still loyal to the former president Yahya Jammeh is an exaggeration.
Speaking on the BBC Hard Talk during his debut appearance in the Commonwealth meeting as Gambian president, Barrow said the new government is undertaking infinite efforts and strategies in professionally transforming the military to understand its roles and responsibilities in a democratic transition.... Read More

The GDC, UDP Scuffle continues as Barrow’s Adviser Ups The Ante

April 23, 2018

Following the scuffle in the province, that led to the arrest of two Alkalos, a GDC councillor and a few others, the man in the center of the melee, Mr Sannoh has added his voice to the saga. In a meeting at Kembujeh Madina, Sannoh dilated on the event. He emphasized his version of the incident, which according to him, was an unprovoked attack on his compound by the arrested crew. He however assured listeners that "they would never try it again."... Read More

The Gambia Returnees Association react to President Barrow’s Chatham House Statement on migrants

April 23, 2018

Following President’s Barrow's interview at Chatham House, in which he cited his return and eventual success as a result of not overstaying in UK, The Gambia Returnees Association has reacted to his response calling it an "irresponsible response." The Association's President Alagie Amadou Camara, in an interview with local medium The Fatu Network accused the present of being insensitive to the country's youths... Read More

Golden League Vs The People of Gunjur Intensifies. Gambia’s Sovereignty Questioned

April 23, 2018

As anger mounts in Gunjur, concerning the alleged environmental abuse by the Chinese Company Golden League, the youths of the town have vowed to intensify their pressure on the authorities to act right.... Read More

The Independent Electoral Commission Revises Election Results

April 19, 2018

It could be recalled that the little error realized and rectified by the Independent Electoral Commission after the December 2016 presidential elections almost set the country ablaze. The former president, Yahya Jammeh used it as an excuse to change his mind about conceding defeat which he initially did. It brought an impasse in the political landscape of the country and became so intense that foreign troops (ECOMIG) had to march into the country for the new president to take office... Read More

The Stoppage of the Issuance of ID Cards Is Failure of the Government

April 05, 2018

The fact that ID cards have not been issued in over a year in the Gambia is a problem that sheds bad light on the government of the Gambia. Firstly, it represents a sort of a hangover from the very high dosage of ineptitude and corruption that was forced down our throats by the previous government.The fact that the contracts that were signed by the government with Semlex were certainly not good for the country suggests that someone simply wanted to benefit from such contracts at the detriment of the nation... Read More