Ministers Must Respect Adjournment Debates…

March 28, 2018

The three arms of government; the Executive, the Judiciary and the Legislature are supposed to hold each other to account. This is to ensure that no arm of government has unlimited power to abuse the power that they have. This is quite important and must be taken seriously. The National Assembly Members are supposed to ask questions which concern them, their constituencies and indeed the whole nation. This can only be done if the relevant ministers are available to answer questions and shed light on issues which have to do with their ministries... Read More

GAF Imposes New Payment Regime for Gambian UN Peacekeepers

March 27, 2018

Gambian soldiers and officers taking part in United Nations peacekeeping missions will no longer be laid in the dollar denomination, but the local Gambian currency the dalasi according to highly placed Gambia Armed Forces Command sources. The recent decision has caused uproar in the force as disgruntled soldiers accused military chiefs of exploitation... Read More

K.M Mayoral Aspirant withdraws Candidacy

March 17, 2018

It was back in September 2017 when popular youth activist and actor Gibbou M. Saidy publicly announce his intention to contest in the forthcoming mayoral elections slated for May 12th 2018. Having been touted as a potential Mayor by many his candidature received mass endorsement on social mediaBut last night he left many of his followers stunned when he announced his withdrawal from the race... Read More

Gambia Medical Practitioners demand Health Minister's immediate resignation

March 07, 2018

Doctors in The Gambia have threatened to embark on a sit-down strike if the country's health minister does not apologize and resign within the next 48 hours. This came in the wake of a statement she made last week that corruption is rife within the sector which continues to thwart government's efforts in its drive to providing affordable and accessible health services for Gambians... Read More

What is really the problem at NAWEC?

March 06, 2018

Of recent we have heard - repeatedly that NAWEC has signed contracts to stabilize the electricity system. These contracts with the World Bank, and other countries are worth millions of dollars. The latest of these was with Turkey which was just a few weeks ago. Earlier, the situation had been so bad that some people wanted to stage a peaceful protest for which permit was denied by the police... Read More

District Tribunals Should Be Independent Of The Executive

March 02, 2018

According to section 120 subsection (3) of the Constitution,

“In the exercise of their judicial functions, the courts, the judges and other holders of judicial office shall be independent and shall be subject only to this Constitution and the law, and, save as provided in this Chapter, shall not be subject to the control or direction of any other person or authority.”... Read More

Gambians react as Thailand expresses dismay over Tourism Minister's comments

February 28, 2018

Following Gambia's Tourism minister's comments last month that tourist looking for sexual aggrandizement should look to Thailand and not Gambia, many Gambians have since taken to social media to express their disappointment at his statement as Thailand's government call his comments "mischievous"... Read More

Teachers Condemn Education Ministry's Threats, Call For Continuation of Strike

February 07, 2018

Teachers on a sit-down strike in the Gambia have reacted angrily to the country's ministry of Basic and Secondary Education's warning for them to cut short their smack and report back to teaching duties or face punishment. The statement contained in a press release and copied to all media houses accused a group of individuals for starting the strike claiming they do not have the backing of the Teachers Union... Read More

"Transparency and Accountability" (The Budget And The People)

January 31, 2018

Following the nomination of all presidential aspirants in November last year, it was clear from the onset that Gambians were drifting towards a new direction. "CHANGE" was all they needed and as unprecedented as it was, majority turned to the opposition coalition to salvage the country from Jammeh's long grip on power... Read More

Gambians Denounce the Formation of Barrow Youth Movement and Foundation

January 31, 2018

The Gambian online community has over the weekend overwhelming condemned the establishment of the Adama Barrow Foundation for Inclusive Development.

In a very lengthy Facebook post, the program officer at the Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (TANGO), Madi Jobarteh said the country’s newest presidential foundation is an institution of corruption and patronage... Read More