Press Briefing of Barrow-Meter to Promote Transparency in Gambia

January 28, 2018

The Barrow-meter, an online platform that will allow citizens to be informed on yearly budgetary allocation and how the allocated budget is spent is about to be implemented in The Gambia.

The initiative is being championed by The Gambia YMCA Computer Training Centre and Digital Studio in partnership with Team GomSaBopa... Read More

ITFC Fuels Energy Sector with US$45 Million

A quiet Signing ceremony held on the sidelines of the World Bank/IMF meeting in Washington DC, USA.
The International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC), signed a $45 million Murabaha Financing agreement with the government of the Gambia on October 17, 2017... Read More

3000 Ghost Workers uncovered in Civil Service

The Gambia government as part of its staff audit exercise has uncovered over three thousand ghost workers, majority of whom are in the security services.

In March, the Personnel Management Office has announced that it would embark on “a comprehensive nationwide staff audit” to fish out all ghost workers in the civil service and security forces... Read More

Speaker Jack-Denton addresses Pan-African Parliament

The Speaker of The Gambia National Assembly, Mrs Mariam Jack-Denton, has made a historic appearance at the recent Pan-African Parliament in Midrand, South Africa, where she spoke about emerging issues affecting the growth and intellectual development of the continent.

In her maiden address, entitled: Harnessing the demographic dividend through investments in the youth, Speaker Jack-Denton paid homage to the Gambian people for developing the new-found freedom and democracy as well as defending it with support of the international community... Read More

Works Minister Speaks Out

The Minister of Works, Transport and Infrastructure has said that The Gambia government has not made any deal with any firm or country on the country's seaport. In an exclusive at his office yesterday, Minister Bai Lamin Jobe said the government has so far received five proposals on the seaport expansion project, but none has been given the green light to carry on with the project yet... Read More

NAWEC Boss updates Media

The deputy managing director of The Gambia's water and electricity company Mr. Nani Juwara on Friday updated the media on the current state of water and electricity supply in the country as well as recent developments that the company has registered in the provinces. This came following recent public outcry on the deplorable energy situation. In light of these developments, the management of the country's utility provider held a press briefing to explain what led to the current situation as customers continue to express their dissatisfaction... Read More

EU outlines first package for Government

The EU in a statement issued yesterday recalled its readiness to fully support the current government and the Gambian people on the path of democratic reforms and outlined what has happened to the 75 million euros it promised in February. It revealed that the EU has offered to organize an international donor’s conference for The Gambia in early 2018... Read More